The Stinger

This Drone is designed as a scout vehicle but also makes an effective patrol drone. Make use of its high signature to sneak in and if it is found then its high armor rating should keep it safe untill you can bring in more firepower.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
2/3 70 6 2 17 7
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
-- 4 4 0 1272
Seating 0 Setup/Breakdown 0
Entry Landing/Takeoff N
Fuel Electric, Tracked ( 300 PF ) Economy 1.5 km/PF
DP Cost 4616 Cost 92321 ¥
Template Remote Patrol Vehicle Reference The Shop
Features Engine Customization (Level 9)
Engine Customization: Acceleration (Level 1)
Engine Customization: Load (Level 7)
Engine Customization: Speed (Level 1)
SunCell Power ( 0)
Remote Pilot Advanced Programming (Rating 4)
Drive-by-Wire (Level 3)
Contingency Maneuver Controls (Rating 9)
Roll Bar
Standard Armor (Armor 17)
Remote mini turret (Quantity 1)

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