Welcome chummers, I am Rico. I have many fine items today. The latest, the greatest, and the deadliest guns in the biz!

Ares Life Saver Holdout Pistol
The latest Holdout from Ares. The Life Saver holdout 202 is the best in its class.
"Finally a semi-auto holdout pistol, yer gonna love this wep chummer" Zeke, human decker.
Game info; Con:8 Ammo:6(c) Mode:SA Damage:4L Weight:0.75 Avail:3/24 hrs. Cost:250 Str.index:0.75
Colt LP 326
The Colt LP 326 the most utilitarian of Colts LP line.
"The first LP I ever got customized" Lynx, elven rigger.

Game info; Con:7 Ammo:12(c) Mode:SA/BF Damage:6L Weight:1.5 Avail:3/36 hrs. Cost:475 Str.index:0.8
Uzi IV Mini
Finally a concealable SMG. Leave it to Uzi to recreate the SMG market again.
"This is definitely a shadowrunners best friend" Lance Entrie, elven street sam.

Game info; Con:7 Ammo:24(c) Mode:BF Damage:6M Weight1.5 Avail:4/48 hrs. Cost:1,000 Str.index:1
Remington CS 626
The Most Powerful Combat Shotgun EVER!
The Remington CS 626 is the newest in Remington's long line of high quality shotguns. This is the gun that will define a generation!
"Most Deadly, me need say more?" Silvertooth, ork merc.

Game info; Con:4 Ammo:12(c) Mode:SA/BF Damage:14S(f) Weight:5 Avail:20/12 days. Cost:1,950 Str.index:1.5
M4 ZR12 Assault Rifle (shown w/under-barrel gernade launcher)
The assault rifle of choice among Azatlan ground troops.
"Da 100 round banana clip do be a life saver" Nightshade, dwarf street sam.

Game info; Con:1 Ammo:100(c) Mode:SA/BF/FA Damage:8M Weight:5 Avail:3/36 hrs. Cost:1,350 Str.index:2
Slaughterhouse HMG
The Slaughterhouse HMG is the most lethal man-portable weapon EVER!
"Big Fraggin' Gun!" Joseph, troll street sam.
Game info; Con:NA Ammo:belt Mode:FA (15 rounds) Damage:18S Weight:30 Avail:48/6 months. Cost:6,000 Str.index:2
This weapon cannot accept any barrel mounted accessories. This weapon has the equivalent of 5 points of recoil reduction. This weapon uses the heavy weapon recoil rules.
Ares A3 Pulse Rifle
Ares corp. does it again!
This is the most revolutionary gun since the Ares MP Laser.
"This is the most beutiful gun ever!" Hatchetman, human street sam
Game info; Con:3 Shots:30 Mode:SA/BF Damage:10S(stun)/15M Weight:15 Avail:8/17 months. Cost:3,000,000 Str.index:1.5
Special notes: This weapon has no recoil. Hardened Armor is the only armor that has an effect against this weapon but its rating is halved. This gun can be set for stun or kill. The gun cannot accept any electronic accessories (this includes smartlinks). Use the assault cannon range table.
Firearm Accessories
Firearm Accessories

Under barrel mounted shotguns.
Any shotgun can be converted into an underbarrel attachment to any LMG or larger weapon. The modifications are as follows:
Range=Heavy Pistol, Choke=0, Ammo=3(c), Con=-2
The cost of the modification is .25 the original cost of the shotgun.

RCE (Range Controled Explosive) Ammunition
Required Components for your weapon: Smartlink level II (Fields of Fire pg.57), Range Finder, Laser Transmiter (conceal: -2 weight: .5 Availability: 12/14 days cost: 3,700 Street Index: 2).
This is sniper Ammo used to kill concealed (non-direct) targets. When used in a weapon, that has all the required components, the round will explode at a pre-specified range.

"Let's say you gots a bogie at fity meeta's hiden behind a slab a plastcrete, you can now shoot yo shot close explode it by his skull and blammo the drekhead is fragged" Yonshi Kanbono, Human Cyber Assassin

Game info; Con:7 Damage:As Gun\-2 power -1 damage level (-5/1 meter) Weight:1 Avail:9/86 hrs. Cost:500 Str.index:3
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