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The spells and magical supplies provided on this page are "ideas only". So players don't expect a GM to use an idea just because it is on the internet, and GM's change anything offered on this page to suit your needs.

Casting Foci: these magical items are purchased with a set rating (I recomend setting the limit at a rating of 4) they cost around 100,000 per rating point. What they do is a mage or shaman casts a spell into one of these objects (you must keep track of the number of successes). When the magic user wants to use these items he/she throws one of them at the target (use a range suitible for the object). When the object strikes the target it releases its spell (to resolve the attack the thrower rolls the objects rating then takes the # of successes + the # of successes the magic user got casting the spell into the object = # successes of the spell)

Combat Spells:

An attack spell that destroys a target on an atomic level. This spell is illegal in nearly every country in the world due to its highly destructive nature. It apears as a bar of "liquid" fire that is pure white and painful to look at. When cast the Balefire shoots out in a strait line destroying nearly anything it touches. Type:Physical* Range:LOS Target:Body+3 Damage:Special** Duration:Instant Drain:{(F/2)+8)D

The force of the spell is the target number for dodging it.

*Even though this spell is a physical spell it is an unresisted test as there is no defence against Balefire except dodging or a Mana Barier.
**There is no damage level because this spell instantly kills any living creature and will slice though any armor, wall, ect.
This spell is very hard to learn and no character under a 4th level initiate should be allowed to learn it. Even a 4th level initiate should have a long difficult quest to find someone to teach it to him.

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